Cleaning & Breakroom
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Is shopping for breakroom supplies at the grocery store or warehouse clubs taking too much of your valuable time? Are you risking injury by lugging those heavy cases of drinks and snacks to your car and then to the office? Are you having a hard time finding everything you need?

We carry a wide selection of beverages, snacks, kitchen disposables, cleaning supplies, and more. Need something that’s not listed in our catalog? Let us know, and we’ll make every effort to find it for you. Not only will we deliver your order right to your kitchen or storage area, but we’ll also put away your cases of beverages and rotate your stock so that your existing older product gets used first. If you wish, we’ll even call you periodically with a reminder so that you don’t ever run out of stock.

Whether you keep beverages on hand on a regular basis, or you purchase them occasionally for special events or meetings, you’ll find our service is convenient and our prices competitive. Plus, you get our product quality and freshness guarantee and FREE DELIVERY within our Ƶ Delivery Route.

Everything you need for everything your business will do - Ƶ is the one-stop supplier for all your office and facility’s needs. Whether outfitting an entire workplace, servicing your breakrooms, or delivering your office supplies, we will help your organization work with efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind. Contact us today to find out how Ƶ can work for you. Start Now

Office Breakroom Supplies
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We offer a selection of over 2,000 items in our diverse inventory to fill up your office breakroom supply closet. From commercial cleaning supplies and paper goods to utensils and dishes, Ƶ is your go-to company for all breakroom supplies. It’s easy to keep your office kitchen and employee breakrooms properly supplied with essentials like cups, paper towels, plates and napkins, utensils and plasticware.

The best part is that we are completely full-service, from the equipment you desire to the products your equipment needs, we can supply it all to your Northern California offices.

Allow us to truly serve you. We will always remain on top of your needs, and be there before you run out of any of your useful breakroom supplies. We’ll be in constant contact to ensure we are meeting all of your supply needs. Ƶ has everything you need to keep a completely stocked breakroom, never run out again.

Full-Service Office Refreshment
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By providing office coffee services in your Sacramento, San Francisco, or other Northern California locations, you will be boosting productivity and satisfaction in your office.

Productivity is vital to success. Going in and out of the office to grab coffee interferes with projects and can be detrimental to success, which is why modern offices need an alternative solution to this problem. Adding a coffee or beverage machine is the ultimate solution to your breakroom needs.

The best part about office coffee services is how diverse they can be. Your beverage needs depend on the size of your office, the desires of individual employees and the size of your breakroom. Based on all of these factors, you can decide if you need a traditional brewer, espresso brewer or single-cup coffee maker to satisfy every need of your office.

Whether you choose Keurig or prefer traditional drip coffee machine, Ƶ has the coffee you want. From premium brands like Green Mountain to traditional favorites like Maxwell House and Folgers, we have hundreds of choices. In addition, our selection includes flavored coffees, hot teas and cocoas, iced teas and coffees and an ever changing selection of seasonal beverages.

At Ƶ, we are dedicated to promoting socially and environmentally responsible coffees and teas, including fair trade, organic and non-profit partnerships. We offer a variety of selections which support sustainable farming methods, community development and our environment.

We offer a variety of office coffee services to fit the needs of any office or business. Take a look at our options to see what we can do to improve your office culture.

Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies
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Ƶ is Northern California’s leading distributor of janitorial supplies and equipment, and cleaning supplies of every kind. Products include: paper products, brooms, mops, industrial cleaners and concentrates, floor brushes, pads, scouring pads, scrub sponges, maintenance sorbents and aerosol cleaners, soaps, detergents, can liners, containers, carts, wipers, rags, floor sweeping compounds, oil dry compounds, ice melt compounds and dispensers, graffiti and spray paint removers, and other specialty cleaning agents. Restroom supplies include hand soaps, anti-bacterial cleansers, odor control, paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue, multi-fold towels, C-fold towels, single-fold towels, hard wound roll towels, center pull towels, roll towels, and tissue and towel dispensers.

Established in 1981, this family-owned company's customers include small, mid-sized, and large businesses, as well as numerous government entities and educational institutions. Customers review and source Ƶ products through private personalized online catalogs. Register now to access our general catalog or contact us to create your own personalized shopping list. We are committed to providing high-quality product solutions through personalized, fast service at competitive prices.